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We specialize in the manufacture and supply of quality plastic bottles, pumps, sprayers and various caps. Without the involvement of distributor, you can buy the high quality products at the most favorable price here. We offering small, medium and bulk quantities of our items allows businesses of all sizes and scopes to purchase their products with ease. We also welcome customization of your packaging needs.

Our promise to customer: We will always do our very best to accommodate our customers.

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One of our goals is to make the production as environmentally friendly as possible.

We have made progress in improving productivity and gradually replacing the traditional energy system with solar power system.

We also encourage paperless office work and recycling PET to reduce the waste.

Featured Products

foam pump

Foam bottles are widely used for hand wash, facial cleanser and baby body wash, baby shampoo, etc.. The foam produced by the bottle is rich and the bottles can be refilled.

lotion pump

Lotion pumps are mainly used for body wash, shampoo, hand wash, laundry detergent liquid and stuff. Plated pump looks more beautiful.

plastic bottle

Plastic bottles are widely used for containing liquid cosmetics. Airless bottle is one of the most popular plastic bottles.

trigger sprayer

Trigger sprayers, according to different uses, can be divided into household sprayer, industrial sprayer, horticultural sprayer, hairdressing sprayer and cosmetic sprayer.

make-up product

Packaging products for makeup can be divided into lipstick tube,lip gloss tube,cosmetic pencil,nail polish bottle.

fine mist sprayer

Mist sprayers are mainly used for perfume, medicine and stuff. The external pump core is hygienic and clean.

cream jar

Cream jars are used for containing lotion, cream and stuff. We offer a variety of styles and sizes.

caps and closures

The visual and ergonomic appeal of caps & closures in terms of both color and shape can have significant influence on the consumer purchase decision.

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