Cosmetic-pack is a packaging manufacturer who has offered a wide range of packaging products to cosmetic, skincare, fragrance and wellness brands around the world . All products are either manufactured at our own factory or purchased from carefully selected suppliers. You can choose in-stock, customized or private mold services to meet your needs.
We are committed to providing the most innovative, quality packaging products to our customers.
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Sustainability has always been an essential part of our
development. We has strived to deliver recyclable or biodegradable plastic solutions such as PCR and PLA to answer clients’ needs for a more eco-friendly, less impactful cosmetic packaging.

Featured Products

Foam bottle

Foam bottles find extensive use in hand wash, facial cleansers, baby body washes, baby shampoos, and more. These bottles generate rich foam and can be easily refilled..

Lotion bottle

Lotion bottles are primarily utilized for body wash, shampoo, hand wash, laundry detergent liquid, and similar products. A plated pump design enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Airless bottle

Airless bottles are widely used for containing liquid cosmetics. PP Airless bottle is one of the most popular plastic bottles.

Sprayer bottle

Trigger sprayers, according to different uses, can be divided into household sprayer, industrial sprayer, horticultural sprayer, hairdressing sprayer and cosmetic sprayer.

make-up product

Packaging products for makeup can be divided into lipstick tube,lip gloss tube,cosmetic pencil,nail polish bottle.

fine mist sprayer

Mist sprayers are mainly used for perfume, medicine and stuff. The external pump core is hygienic and clean.

cream jar

Cream jars are used for containing lotion, cream and stuff. We offer a variety of styles and sizes.

caps and closures

The visual and ergonomic appeal of caps & closures in terms of both color and shape can have significant influence on the consumer purchase decision.

We are proud of understanding and meeting our customers’ needs as well as building long term relationships with many brands.

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