The sense of smell of the person is very wonderful, and sweet atmosphere can bring you this kind of wonderful feeling.a lot of times we use perfume, not be to cover peculiar smell, most to pursue a kind of ceremonial feeling however.what we use is not perfume, it is a kind of high quality life attitude however.

Perfume from the outside of the box is not to see any of the warranty related to the text.We all know that there is no shelf life of liquor, liquor is put more alcohol, this is because there are 40%~50% alcohol in liquor.Perfume, on the other hand, is even more potent, with an average alcohol content of 78 percent, making it less likely to expire.

So why is perfume still going off?Not because of the time, but because of improper storage, that exactly how to save the right perfume?



Avoid direct sunlight

Above all, the flavor of perfume can change along with temperature, too hot, too damp metropolis brings about perfume odor change.Accordingly, perfume should not be put in the bathroom absolutely, also cannot be put in sunshine for a long time point-blank place.It is recommended to be placed in a box to ensure a stable and cool temperature.



Buy smaller bottles

Most perfumes are blended with synthetic ingredients and natural extracts. Completely natural fragrances are easy to oxidize, especially those containing citrus, and should be used as soon as possible.Think before you buy if you can use it up in six months.



Keep an eye out for changes in smell

If you don’t have a storage box for your perfume, consider throwing it away. Some ingredients may start to smell like fish, mint, citrus, and curry powder.



Try to choose dark bottles

Although transparent bottle looks more chic, but sunshine can direct illuminate, make perfume more easily bad.If you wear your perfume slowly or want it to last longer, opt for opaque or dark bottles.



Notice the change at the top of the perfume bottle

Perfume is normally sealed in good condition, but sometimes because of improper use and accidentally drop the reason will make the perfume pump damage, leading to perfume contact with the outside air, bacteria into the deterioration.If the perfume pump is found damaged, buy a new empty perfume bottle and replace it.