30ml 50ml 75ml 100ml snap on PP airless bottles

30ml 50ml 75ml 100ml snap on PP airless bottles

Introducing our range of Snap-On PP Airless Bottles, available in 30ml, 50ml, 75ml, and 100ml sizes – the pinnacle of innovation and reliability in skincare storage. These bottles are designed with cutting-edge snap-on closure technology, ensuring a secure seal for prolonged freshness and potency of your skincare formulations. Crafted from premium-grade PP material, they guarantee a contamination-free environment, boasting durability and resilience for extended use. The snap-on closure mechanism not only provides a secure seal but also facilitates effortless refilling, making them a user-friendly choice for your skincare routine. Their opaque design shields light-sensitive products from harmful UV rays, preserving their efficacy over time. Choose from a variety of sizes to cater to your specific skincare needs, whether it’s for daily regimens or travel essentials. Elevate your skincare regimen with our Snap-On PP Airless Bottles, a reliable and innovative solution that ensures your skincare essentials remain fresh and potent, always ready to deliver exceptional results.


Capacity:30mL, 50mL,75mL,100mL

Color:Any color is available(according to your request


Material: bottle:PP,  pump:PP ,   cap: PP


Delivery Port :FOB NINGBO, CHINA

Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C, Western Union 30% Pre-payment, Balance Before Shipment

Deliver Time:within 30 days after receiving the deposit and confirming the samples

30ml 50ml 75ml 100ml snap on PP airless bottles

30ml 50ml 75ml 100ml snap on PP airless bottles


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