Color box is used as the product appearance packaging. The packaging technology is improved with the increase of consumers’ requirements on the form and function of the product packaging. The hot stamping process is favored by consumers and enterprises due to its good surface processing effect. Then the color box hot stamping What are the technical points? This article shares the technical essentials of the color box hot stamping process. The content is for your reference:

Hot stamping process of color box

The color box adopts the hot stamping process for two purposes, one is to use it to increase the added value of the packaged product, and the second is to give the packaged product a higher anti-counterfeiting property, and at the same time, the hot stamping can show the personalization of the product packaging and is safe and environmentally friendly .

The hot stamping of color box products involves all aspects of production. As long as we pay attention to the quality control and control of the entire process of layout design and production, not only can we effectively avoid quality problems, but also can better ensure the hot stamping of color box products. The printing quality meets the customer’s quality requirements for paper packaging products.

Understanding of hot stamping process and rational design of layout
Hot stamping a layer of colored foil film on the printed matter, also commonly known as anodized aluminum process. In the post-print finishing process, the most commonly used anodized aluminum process is hot stamping gold foil, followed by hot stamping silver foil. With the diversification and personalization of market commodities, the colors of anodized aluminum are also varied. Nowadays, in addition to the common gold, silver and copper colors, there are blue, green, yellow and orange colors for various products. Yellow, purple, brown, red, rose, white, gray, black and many other colors.

Almost all colors can now be stamped with corresponding colors of anodized aluminum. In addition, there are laser foils that can bloom with different color effects after hot stamping, and the color selection space is greatly expanded. Since the printing area of ​​color box products is generally relatively large, the area suitable for designing hot stamping on the layout can play a role in highlighting the decorative effect of product packaging. Therefore, reasonable design of the hot stamping layout and color of the color box products can not only effectively reduce the production cost, but also take into account the quality effect of the product, so that the hot stamping part can play a good finishing touch. Therefore, it is enough to design the product logo and product name of the important part of the color box as a hot stamping layout.

The process design is worth reminding that the color of the hot stamping foil should not be too close to the color of the backing paper and the printing, otherwise the process effect of hot stamping cannot be highlighted. Only when the color of the hot stamping forms a strong contrast with the backing paper or background color, can the process effect of the hot stamping plate be better highlighted. For example, the background color of the color box is yellow. If gold is stamped on this color, the two colors are similar, and the hot stamped layout is not eye-catching enough to highlight the elegant process of anodized aluminum stamping. effect. If silver, red or other anodized aluminum with a large contrast effect is hot stamped on the yellow background, the hot stamping layout is more prominent, and the quality effect of the product is greatly improved.

Pay attention to printing process control to prevent hot stamping defects
Many color box products are hot stamped on the basis of printing background color, so the quality of the printing ink directly affects the quality of the product’s hot stamping, so this requires printing preprinted carton paper and The fineness of the ink used in the color of the color box is good, and the degree of drying is appropriate to ensure that the ink layer is coated evenly and adheres firmly. For hot stamping on the background color, try not to add too much polish, dilute agent, debonding agent, desiccant, etc. to the ink, so as to avoid hot stamping, hot stamping, hot stamping foil, and the adhesion of the hot stamping foil, and It is easy to tear off the ink layer and other quality defects during the hot stamping process.

For the printing of the background color, the thickness of the ink coating should not be too full, otherwise it will be easy to produce hot stamping quality defects. If there is a design hot stamping layout on the background color of the spot color, it is best to implement the “dark ink thin printing” process technology to adjust the hue of the background color ink a little deeper, so that the printing ink layer is relatively thin, which can meet the printing hue In order to make the printing ink layer dry easily, and firmly adhere to the cardboard or laser film, it can help achieve good hot stamping of anodized aluminum. In addition, we must pay attention to the use of ink with good coloring strength and good temperature resistance for printing, and try not to use or less powder spraying during the printing process, and the pressure used in printing is slightly larger to avoid a large amount of ink coating , Easy to produce floating ink phenomenon, affecting the hot stamping quality of color box products.

Suitability analysis and technical control of hot stamping process
Hot stamping plate characteristics analysis
Zinc plate is the most traditional hot stamping plate material, and it is also the cheapest hot stamping plate. It is made by an etching process. The plate making process is relatively cumbersome and the production cycle is relatively long. Generally, there are a certain number of open-machined plates. Because the edge of the zinc plate has a certain slope, the layout is also prone to quality defects such as pitting and poor gloss. If the hot stamping pressure is large, writing, line paste, deformation and flower defects are easy to occur. Therefore, the zinc plate is generally suitable for small The hot stamping of the area line layout is a common hot stamping material for low-end color box products.

The copperplate process is completed by computer engraving. The platemaking precision is high, the speed is fast, the plate material has high abrasion resistance, the edge of the plate has almost no slope, and the problem of dirty plates and paste plates is not easy to occur. The surface of the copper plate is also smooth and the heat transfer speed is fast. The quality of hot stamping is better than that of zinc plate, which is suitable for hot stamping of large batches of fine color box products. However, the copper plate material is relatively expensive, and the production cost is significantly higher than the zinc plate. In addition, the magnesium plate of the corrosive plate-making process is also an ideal plate material for hot stamping high-quality products. The plate-making plate has a fast corrosion rate, neat slope, good continuity, smooth edges, small specific gravity, light weight, heat conduction, heat transfer and heat dissipation Fast, the surface hardness of the plate is high.

Due to the delicate material, the heat transfer effect is also better than zinc and copper plates. The magnesium version hardly deforms during the bronzing process. The hot stamping speed of the magnesium plate is significantly faster than that of the copper and zinc plates, which can better improve the hot stamping speed. The printing resistance rate is about 20% higher than that of the copper plate. It can be seen that the magnesium plate is a good plate material for the hot stamping process. In production, it is best to choose the hot stamping plate material according to the production process characteristics and different quality requirements of the color box products, and the hot stamping plate of the corresponding thickness according to the characteristics of the equipment and the layout, so as to better balance the production efficiency and quality.

Suitability analysis of hot stamping equipment
The hot stamping machine is divided into flattening, round flattening and round flattening structures. The three models have their own characteristics and process advantages. Vertical flat pressing hot stamping machine is the most commonly used hot stamping equipment, its main feature is that the production operation is convenient and fast, and the production of short-term products has a higher production advantage. However, due to the flat and flat structure, the speed of the machine is slow, and for large orders, the production efficiency is limited. Moreover, during hot stamping, the layout is in full contact with the printed sheet, the pressure is relatively dispersed, and the uniformity of the pressure is also subject to certain restrictions, which is not conducive to the complete transfer of the anodized aluminum coating. The hot stamping on the solid surface is not as good as the round flattening and round pressing. The model with round structure is more suitable for hot stamping of small-sized color boxes. The hot stamping equipment with a round flattening structure adopts automatic paper feeding. The hot stamping speed is significantly faster than that of the flattening model, and the hot stamping efficiency and quality are relatively high. Because the working pressure during hot stamping is the contact between the line and the surface, the pressure is relatively concentrated, the working pressure is small, and the pressure of the hot stamping surface is also easy to be uniform, so it is more suitable for large batches, the area is relatively large, and it is suitable for hot stamping precision Highly colored box products.

The hot stamping equipment with a round and round structure has a higher degree of automation and the best hot stamping quality. Due to the line-to-line contact between the plate cylinder and the impression cylinder when the machine is hot stamping, the working pressure is small, the pressure is easy to concentrate and a uniform hot stamping effect is obtained, the machine has high working precision, and it is also better to meet the production of large batches and large format color boxes Products, ideal for achieving high-quality hot stamping process effects.

Hot stamping process technology control
In the production process, the key to hot stamping technology is to control the pressure of hot stamping. The surface gloss of the color box material is not good or the background ink layer is thick. The pressure of hot stamping is relatively larger. The hot stamping layout where the text and fine lines coexist on the ground can be properly placed on the corresponding pad on the ground, and an additional layer of paper of appropriate thickness can be placed on it, so that the text or fine lines are not prone to paste. If the imprint is not dry or the ink layer is thick, causing the hot stamping plate to bloom, you can adjust the setting to control the delay time of the pressure pressing for 1 to 2 seconds, to extend the time for the transfer and adhesion of the anodized aluminum, and improve the quality of the hot stamping. effect.

If the delay time of pressing is too long, because the anodized aluminum coating is easy to melt too much when heated, it will lead to paste on the hot stamping surface. In addition, the reasonable adjustment of the hot stamping temperature is also an important control link. According to the level of the ambient temperature, the hot stamping material, the characteristics of the hot stamping plate and the size of the hot stamping area, the speed of the machine production, and the structure of the hot stamping machine, etc. Factors, comprehensive consideration to grasp the appropriate hot stamping temperature, which requires careful observation, analysis and recording of relevant process data during the production process, in order to accurately summarize and adjust the best hot stamping process parameters to ensure the hot stamping of color box products quality.